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Demonstrating Chauffer

Yeah, this looks totally different from what I normally draw, huh? No, it's not a commission-under-duress. It just takes some explaining, though it helps if you recognise in advance that that's Alannah's head behind Ally - it's technically herm x fem, though you'd never know from this angle. Alannah has what we call "situational shapeshifting", which is to say that she's friends with Eiryo and he supplies her with a dick when it's handy :p

As for the title? I have a fetish. I would call it "lesbian anal", except I specifically like it when there's anal but no vaginal. I dunno why, I guess there's just something stupidly hot about the denail aspect. Anyway, it's highly sexy, and I like lesbians doing it because I don't care for guys topping on girls.

In the absence of any commonly-used term for this, I gave it one: chauffer. Why? Because you get in the back, not up front >:D

Date Added: 2009-06-22 | Artist(s): Fox Lee | Media: Sketch | Rating: Explicit

Character(s): Alannah, Ally

Tags: canine, mink, anal, gendershift

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