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Apple's Dance

Anybody with even a brief familiarity with the furry fandom will probably accuse me of biting off of Miu's style here, and they'd be right. So help me, I just don't like the way most people draw horses - as my personal tastes run, there has to be a certain level of stylisation before they look cute. Is it my fault if Miu got that perfect? Baw XP I think there's still enough of my style in the mix - I just took a few key pointers.

...Okay, sorry Miu u.u;

In any case, Apple is a D&D character (Cobrin'Seil resources) who got ported into Furbidden Realms as well because I hate to waste a good slut. He seems to be from Etterclaw, loves the cock (naturally), and may or may not have a French accent. I can't decide.

I just realised it's going to sound like I ripped the "food naming" theme off of Miu too, but seriously, I didn't. The Realms does have some skunks named after foods (spices actually), but it's only the one family. Apple is just a (tasty) anomaly. Actually, I think his name came from My Little Pony - I thought I remembered one called "Applejack", which seems like an awfully suggestive name to me.

Date Added: 2009-02-01 | Artist(s): Fox Lee | Media: Sketch | Rating: Adult

Character(s): Apple

Tags: pony, bishounen, femboy, sheer

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