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Bigger, Longer...

...and Uncut.

Coloured version of Kiyan's superporny closeup. I've really been busting my arse trying to get stuff coloured for SMASH, since it tried so hard to sneak up on me @_@ Of course, this will have a (minor/simple/boring) background when it goes to print.

I'm a bit less than thrilled with Kiyan's colouring, but holy shit, I'm happy with Eiryo (golden fur - I like that you can now identify the cock owners by colour). That is the sexiest seme stomach I have ever drawn, hands down. Even I think that cock looks delicious.

There is totally a print version, but it has a mauve curtain instead because my printer didn't like doing so much black on photo paper. You should totally buy a print.)

Date Added: 2009-07-23 | Artist(s): Fox Lee | Media: CG Colour | Rating: Explicit

Character(s): Kiyan, Reylan, Eiryo

Tags: cat, fellatio

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