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Full name: Amara Phylanx (nee Shelton)
Species: Fox-mink half-breed
Age: 189 sextets
Season: Starbreak
Gender: Female
Occupation: Layabout noble
Blood Type: B-
Orientation: Voracious lesbian with bisexual leanings
Associations: Hyusi's Harem

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Height/Weight: 167cm/98kg
B/W/H: 81cm/66cm/81cm
Cup size: FF

General Build: Amara is very curvaceous, though she hasn't done much strenuous exercise, so her form is not well-marked by muscle. Instead, she's smooth and simply watches her diet to keep her figure.

Fur: Tawny orange.

Markings: Amara has fox markings on her muzzle, a white underbelly, and a tattoo of a lily on her navel.

Hair: White-blonde. Amara's hair is split evenly in front, and it frames her face in two curved bangs. It also runs down to the base of her neck.

Eyes: Blue.

Distinguishing features: Amara's most distinctive feature is her build; she's very busty and has a well-formed figure that's entirely natural. Generally, she's very untouched and has her genes to thank for most of her beauty.

Preferred clothing: Amara used to dress in highly fashionable types of dress. She wore ribbons, corsets, and had her hair done on a weekly basis by a professional. However, since her recruitment into Hyusi's harem, she prefers far racier clothes - though she doesn't take them out in public. Often seen slouching around Hyusi's room in black or white lingerie, she rarely dresses sensibly and when she does, it's in clothes borrowed from Reylan or Hyusi.

Accessories: Amara doesn't usually wear clothes, let alone accessories.

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General Attitude: Amara's recent awakening into adult concepts, and independence, has been a wild ride for the girl's psyche. Surprisingly well-adjusted after years of repression, the girl has blossomed into a woman under Hyusi's care. She's promiscuous and free with her affection and appreciation, but she's also quite devious and has a mischeivous streak that can get her into trouble. She's known to bait other, more dominant individuals into pulling her into line, simply because she revels in the understanding that others care about what she does and doesn't do.

Likes: Amara's main hobby is casual sex - having been married to a bishop for three years, she had some time for her fiery sexual chemistry to build up. Now that it's been released, it's her favourite pastime.

Dislikes: Amara's most significant dislike is boredom. She fights against it at every opportunity she gets, and actively seeks out new, interesting things to do at all times. Sedentiary activities - like reading books or watching plays - bore her unless there's some incentive or spice involved.

Skills of note: Amara has an incredible talent for mathematics. She can multiply extremely large sums in her head, and can do simultaneous and quadratic equations without much effort. The only way this shows through is the amazing skill she has demonstrated at some games - particularly, she's amazingly good at playing pool, thanks it all being geometry. Also, while Amara has all the political clout of a squashed grape, she was nonetheless present at numerous important functions of political import; as a trophy daughter, and then a trophy wife, she has found herself a wellspring of political information and courtly gossip, including secrets that could bury many an important Administer.

Attitude in Bed: Amara is submissive but saucy. She loves to bait whoever she's with, and likes to be the center of attention. When with other submissive people, she can become dominant - particularly with Hiewyn, who's more timid than her, and still embarassed at times. However, she largely reacts well to being dominated, and loves to be used for her mistress' pleasure. She also likes exploring new and interesting things, and will very rarely say no to anything. She's finding herself a fan of strap-ons and large members, if only for their clear lewdness.

Turn-ons: Amara loves being watched, being dominated, and being submissive to multiple dominant partners. She also finds tasks or being passed around arousing, loving the idea of being something valuable.

Turn-offs: Genuine abuse, scat, watersports, and the mundane. Missionary style sex with a single partner would bore her to tears.

Quirks: None of note.

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Family Status: Daughter of Admiral Duchton Shelton, wife of Bishop Htorrus Phylanx (soon to be annulled)
Birth Rank: 2/2
Social Status: Technically noble.

Homeland/Birthplace: Coalclaw.

History: Amara was born into the Shelton family to a social climbing trophy wife and spent most of her life being treated as a piece of furniture. When she blossomed into a young woman, she became a poker chip, and was given to the then-Minister of Religion, Htorrus Phylanx. Phylanx underwent the marriage to attain some more political stability and to assist Shelton senior in his political movements, but due to political concerns, he had to put off the honeymoon and, indeed, the wedding night. Before the predetermined date of a honeymoon he'd arranged with Amara arrived, however, politics within the church exalted him to the position of Bishop - which carried with it a vow of celibacy. Amara spent the next twelve sextets as a trophy wife being sent to various functions and dinners, but never once experiencing anything interesting.
Then, while shopping one day, she saw Reylan and Hyusi having sex in an alleyway. The daring of the act and the heavy sexuality of Hyusi drew her attention, and she became rapt, eventually hiding behind some barrels and masturbating furiously. Hyusi then captured the girl, and introduced her to lesbian sex along with some more carnal acts. From that point on, Amara became the first of Hyusi's little harem of lovers.

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General level: Negligible
Style: Amara is a noncombatant. She doesn't have any particular ability in combat, nor does she feel the need to develop it.

Advantages: N/A

Disadvantages: N/A

Special: N/A

Techniques: N/A

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A Quote: "You know, mistress, I think Hiewyn keeps her diary under my pillow for a reason."

Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Amara.

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