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Full name: "Kiyan" (real name)
Species: Cat (domestic)
Age: 113 sextets
Season: Sunwax
Gender: Male
Occupation: Prostitute/informant
Blood Type: O+
Orientation: Bisexual, with a preference for men
Associations: HorNet (employee)

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Height/Weight: 161cm/58kg
B/W/H: 75cm/65cm/82cm
Cup size: N/A (he can stuff it 'til it's appropriate anyways)

General Build: Slender and lithe, supple and curvy - the body of a dancer.

Fur: Very pale blue-mauve, nearly white. Short and smooth.

Markings: Dark brown "socks" on his hands and feet that run up to his elbow/knee, and a white belly. He also has two dark brown rings near the end of his tail, and one near the base.

Hair: Deep, cool pink - almost purple and almost red, but not quite either. He wears it cut short in a bob he feels is rather sassy, fringe parted toward the left side and swept over.

Eyes: China blue, bright and lively.

Distinguishing features: A little heart-shaped patch dyed onto his fur, under his right eye.

Preferred clothing: Tends to wear either cute, casual clothing that would normally be called "tomboyish", or loose, semi-transparent clothing along the lines of harem pants and lace-up shirts. He prefers whites or blacks, and tones that match his hair. On the job, of course, his costumes vary wildly, though he does rather like the classic "French Maid" style costume.

Accessories: Has a single "sleeper" earring in his left ear.

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General Attitude: Kiyan is generally a cheerful and good-natured furr, if entirely spoilt. He can be a bit selfish and mercenary, and likes to have his way, but he would never want to hurt anybody. And although he's a shameless prima-donna, and loves to be the centre of attention, he's quite sweet and sensitive when he's being serious. He's secretly quite insecure about himself, though he covers it up by being sassy, and inwardly craves acceptance and praise quite desperately. Despite his cute appearance, has also has a distinct street-trash streak, and has been known to act downright coarse when he's not careful.

Likes: Apart from his work, which is as much a hobby as a job, Kiyan particularly enjoys showing off - his chief interests are acting, dancing and telling stories. Because he had a bit of a hard time as a child, he really enjoys spending money as well - he loves going shopping, and often spends more money than he should on little luxuries, like incense and perfume, or gifts for his friends (though he tends to be a little embarrassed about giving such gifts). He also loves primping - trying on new outfits, playing with new hairstyles, that sort of thing.

Dislikes: Very much a cat, Kiyan likes to keep himself well-groomed, and hates getting dirty. He's also a bit scared of water.

Skills of note: Kiyan is a talented dancer and stripper, and quite good at fashion-related activities like composing outfits or dressing somebody up for a night on the town. He's also quite a decent cook, though he usually destroys this by attempting things far too ambitious for his abilities.

Attitude in Bed: Kiyan is definitely submissive, and likes his partner to take control of the situation. However, he isn't shy about what he enjoys, and will only act the "blushing innocent" part if he's been asked to. His attitude adjusts quickly to that of his partner(s), but, when left to his own devices, he's very fun and adventurous, and willing to try almost anything once. He also likes to make a lot of noise, especially if he's in a semi-public situation and might get caught out.

Turn-ons: Bondage; S&M; spankings; public sex; almost anything else that involves being dominated. He also very much enjoys rape fantasies.

Turn-offs: Anybody who expects him to be dominant; "normal" sex with no kinks; getting dirty (especially toilet stuff - ew!).

Quirks: Nothing else of note.

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Family Status: Unknown.
Birth Rank: Unknown.
Social Status: Notorious, thanks to Hornet's reputation.

Homeland/Birthplace: While his birthplace is unknown, and his work calls for him to stay elsewhere sometimes, he generally lives in Coalclaw City.

History: Kiyan doesn't have much of a history to speak of. He can't remember what happened to his family, and knows only that he grew up scraping and starving on the streets of Coalclaw City. When he was seventeen, Alannah caught him attempting to steal from Coalclaw's Hornet office, and took pity on him, offering him the opportunity to stay and work for her. He took to the idea with aplomb; and, despite skipping out on most of his training sessions, became a core member of the small unit.

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General level: Low to mid.
Style: Kiyan /really/ hates having to fight, and is still kind of bitter about Alannah's stance on self-defense; he has trained for combat only reluctantly, and has only put in enough effort to scrape his way to Alannah's approvals. Thus, his fighting style is simple and basic - essentially it's classic self-defense, a sort of submission fighting based on getting inside his opponent's guard and jabbing the places that hurt the most, then running away.

Advantages: Kiyan is fast on his feet and even quicker to react, which means he's rather good as avoiding blows. He's also a very slippery customer, and can wriggle his way out of a vast variety of holds. He is also violently stubborn and determined, which can sometimes pull him through when all else fails.

Disadvantages: Kiyan musculature is weel-refined, but he isn't very strong, especiall in his upper body. He also, simply put, has an impressive glass-jaw.

Special: N/A

Techniques: N/A

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A Quote: "Ehh? You don't have whores where you come from? But who would you pay for sex?"
Other: None as of yet.

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Character profile for Kiyan.

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