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Full name: Liam Fletcher
Species: Koala
Age: 108 sextets
Season: Sunseve
Gender: Male
Occupation: Prostitute/Informant
Blood Type: B+
Orientation: Bisexual, with a preference for Karin.
Associations: HorNet (employee)

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Height/Weight: 139.5cm/48kg
B/W/H: 75cm/54cm/70cm
Cup size: N/A

General Build: Slender and soft-edged, with slightly overlarge feet and hands; Liam tends to look a bit younger than he is, and just a bit awkward.

Fur: Light blue, with a hint toward purple. While his fur is short, it's quite thick and fluffy (epsecially around the ears).

Markings: Black ears; that's it.

Hair: Dark blue, with a hint toward grey. He wears it straight, to somewhere around his shoulders, and lets it fall where it will.

Eyes: A blue-ish green colour; probably closest to turquoise. Wide and rather innocent, despite the fact that he really isn't.

Distinguishing features: None to speak of.

Preferred clothing: Liam likes simple, casual clothes; he doesn't really mind what style, though he prefers natural colours rather than bright ones. He tends to wear clothes which are a little too big for him, as he finds them more comfortable. Of course, he eventually winds up in various interesting bondage gear more often than not...

Accessories: Liam is almost never seen without a leather collar, obviously given to him by Karin. He also tends to wear various other accessories at Karin's order, and sports piercings in his ears, nipples and penis.

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General Attitude: Liam is very submissive and gentle-natured furr, overflowing with kindness; he would never wish harm to another, and would likely risk his own life for them, even if they were a complete stranger. He's also very shy, and usually lets his constant companion and lover Karin respresent him rather than speaking for himself. However, when something is important to him, he can be surprisingly strong-willed, and has more courage than people give him credit for. He's very intelligent, though he doesn't realise it; yet, he is a furr of very simple pleasures - he is content just to be at his Mistress' side, or at her feet. The one thing he /is/ confident about is that Karin is the most wonderful thing in the entire world; he is utterly, utterly devoted to her, to the point of slavery if she would allow it (and of course, she would, in the bedroom).

Likes: Liam is generally too shy to make his interests known, outside of his interest in doing whatever Karin wants. He very much enjoys his stage performances with Karin, mostly because he likes making other people happy, and he gets to be close to her. Aside of that, he secretly writes songs, though he's far too timid to ever try singing

Dislikes: Mean furrs; close-minded furrs; anyone who criticises Karin; people who pretend to be something they aren't; people who think he doesn't like being the sub.

Skills of note: Aside from various erotic talents like dancing and so forth, at which he does excel, Liam is also a quite talented writer.

Attitude in Bed: Liam has always been about as submissive as they come, which fit in perfectly with Karin's tastes, and thus led to him becoming even more so. Liam devotes himself entirely to his lover's pleasures without a thought for his own - unless his partner wants to shift the focus, of course, since he would never dream of trying to control the encounter. He expects bondage to be involved in any situation, simply because he's so used to Karin, and will willingly submit to just about anything his partner wants him to try; he'd probably be slightly disappointed if it /didn't/ get involved at some point, though he would never question his lover's methods. More than anything, Liam simply wants to see his partner happy; that's what makes him happy.

Turn-ons: Karin; BDSM; beautiful older woman; love; seeing his partner happy.

Turn-offs: Anybody who expects him to be dominant.

Quirks: None of note.

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Family Status: Liam originally came from a small island community, where everybody was considered family... so, let's just say "big". Karin is effectively his only family on the mainland.
Birth Rank: Unknown - purely because furrs didn't bother to keep track where he came from.
Social Status: Nothing more than the notoriety associated with HorNet.

Homeland/Birthplace: Liam hails from the little-known continent located somewhere south of the mainland, currently known only as "the South".

History: Liam led a rather normal - if not terribly interesting - life, an everyday member of his tribe. His life changed one day when a shipwrecked merchant and his daughter Karin washed up on the beach, however; to him, Karin was an almost otherwordly being, though she was at the same time larger than life. He all but idolised the young woman, and the two formed and incredibly powerful bond over the years.
When the time came for Karin to return to the mainland, Liam followed her without a second thought. After spending some time simply roaming the mainland together, the couple Liam came to work for HorNet under a temporary contract, when Alannah was after new performing talent. Technically they're still under that same contract, and have been for the past two years.

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General level: Low to mid
Style: Liam doesn't so much have a combat style as he is an escapist. Liam's abilities are focused utterly on defense - more so on avoiding blows than enduring them - and his goal in any fight is to break from his opponent and flee to Karin's side (normally Alannah might have objected to this, but it's stated in Karin and Liam's joint contract that Karin must always be present when Liam is "working").

Advantages: Liam's small, slight frame, and natural speed and flexibility, all come to his aid in combat. He's more endurant than one might think, and his ability to focus himself in a fight is impressive.

Disadvantages: Physically weak and unskilled with attacks, Liam has no offensive capability whatsoever. He generally relies on Karin to provide the beatdown where it's necessary.

Special: Nothing of note.

Techniques: None of note.

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A Quote: "My Mistress loves me... if I can make her happy, nothing else matters."
Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Liam.

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