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Full name: Lorne Eltenwater
Species: Grey squirrel
Age: 160 sextets
Season: Icefey
Gender: Female
Occupation: Former housemaid
Blood Type: A-
Orientation: Lesbian
Associations: Hyusi's Harem

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Height/Weight: 140cm/79kg
Cup size: C

General Build: Lorne is curvy, but not as remarkably so as the rest of Hyusi's harem. She's done a large quantity of labour during her life, and her youthful pastime of dance has helped to shape her into a well-formed, fit young woman.

Fur: Pale blue

Markings: Lorne has soft white fur on her chest, which runs down to her upper thighs but not along her tail. She has a pair of white marks that run along the length of her collarbones, and a white patch between her eyes.

Hair: Blue-black

Eyes: Green

Distinguishing features: Lorne has a pair of scars over the small of her back - remnants from an accident as a child.

Preferred clothing: Lorne is slightly more sensible than Amara or Hiewyn, in that she has a number of practical clothes. She prefers skirts and sweaters, though colder weather encourages her to wear pants. Underneath her clothing, she tends to wear sensible underwear, except when dressing up for Hyusi - when she's just as likely to wear elaborate bondage ropes.

Accessories: Lorne tends to carry some combination of rope, handcuffs, or a blindfold, usually hidden about her person in some fahsion.

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General Attitude: Lorne is dutiful, well-behaved, and honest. As a hard-working young woman, Lorne is often nervous about the potential for mistakes or failure that the more cavalier attitude of her friends invites, but she's also understanding enough to hold her tongue. Very sweet, Lorne does have a very short temper and lacks patience, but it's primarily with herself. She also still has some trappings of propriety in her mindset, which has led to her being shocked at what are ultimately some very mundane things.

Likes: Lorne, when she was younger, was an avid ballet dancer, attending courses paid for by her mother. When her mother died, her father's more humble job was unable to sustain the tuition fees, so she had to bow out of them. However, she still dances for fun whenever she gets the opportunity - though it's usually not ballet.

Dislikes: Lorne hates mess, for obvious reasons. She also dislikes quiet; she really enjoys cities because there's less time where there's no noise occuring. She also really dislikes jokes about the dead or other sensitive subjects.

Hobbies/interests/skills: Lorne is a trained housemaid, and operated for some time without help tending to the Phylanx estate - which is incredibly impressive given the sheer size of the estate.

Attitude in Bed: Lorne, before Hyusi got her hands on her, had had some boyfriends, and indeed, some sexual experiences - but had never experienced an orgasm. Hyusi's changing of that flipped the girl's world on its head. Reflective of her inexperience, Lorne is obedient and submissive, and prefers that her lover give her instructions and encouragement - since she is genuinely unsure of what she's doing.

Turn-ons: Lorne's sexual identity isn't wholly developed - she only recently experienced the more normal sexual pastimes of Coalclaw. She's only found one thing that she really prefers is women - she has very little to no interest in men. She finds sex with men untidy and unpleasant, which has cemented her as a lesbian - now that she knows the option's open to her.

Turn-offs: Mess, very masculine men, large penises, scat, watersports.

Quirks: Lorne is an extremely fast runner, and is surprisingly strong for her frame. She's not exactly going to be winning major fistfighting competitions though.

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Family Status: Father, mother (deceased)
Birth Rank: 1/1
Social Status: Former maid to the Phylanx estate

Homeland/Birthplace: Coalclaw

History: Lorne's mother was the Coordinater of Status in the Administers of Coalclaw's cabinet, while her father was a somewhat more humble tailor. Thanks to this, Lorne enjoyed a healthy upbringing with many advantages - including an advanced education - up until the age of twelve, when her mother died of a blood disease. Lorne's father stepped up his tailor business to help support the girl, but during this time, many of the advantages to which she had grown accustomed faded from her life, and she eventually took up a job as a housemaid (something that her father despairs of, knowing the girl is very clever and capable).
Lorne was discovered by Hyusi thanks to Amara, and walked in on the two having sex. Hyusi took the opportunity to pounce on the young girl, and shortly after, the three women went back to Hyusi's for a more semipermanent arrangement.

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General level: Noncombatant
Style: N/A

Advantages: N/A

Disadvantages: N/A

Special: N/A

Techniques: N/A

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A Quote: "An orgasm? Isn't that what boys get?"

Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Lorne.

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