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Full name: Malena Orinoco
Species: Cat
Age: 202 Sextets
Season: Midfire
Gender: Female
Occupation: Courtesan
Blood Type: AB-
Orientation: Bisexual
Associations: The Hornet's Nest

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Height/Weight: 170cm/97kg
B/W/H: 81cm/71cm/81cm*
Cup size: D

General Build: Malena's legs are long and well-toned. She dances both professionally and for fun, and this has helped shape her body; she has a classically curvaceous hourglass figure.

Fur: Dusty red-brown.

Markings: The tip of Malena's tail is white; beyond that, no other markings.

Hair: Black and untamed, tumbling over her shoulders in a waterfall of shiny, well-kept locks. Malena is proud of her hair, but doesn't like confining it or styling it - she keeps it healthy but doesn't wear it in any particular fashion or style.

Eyes: Bright, glittering blue.

Distinguishing features: Malena has two matching piercings in each ear - one a silver stud, the other a silver ring.

Preferred clothing: Malena prefers peasant-style tops; they're great for access, they tend to be cheap, and they draw the eye to her bust. She also likes to wear things that expose her midriff, and likes large, layered, gypsy-style dresses. She wears anklets and bracelets, has been known to wear a bandanna, and either wears no shoes, or high heels. She doesn't overly value exotic underwear, and she can't stand stockings. She always wears whites and bright colours, preferring to contrast with her dark tan fur.

Accessories: Malena wears a pair of 15 cm knives, strapped to each upper thigh. She's also very good at getting her hands on them in a pinch.

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General Attitude: Wild, raucous and reckless, Malena is a party animal. She revels in the night life, the bright lights, liquor, risk, and dance. Malena rarely does anything by halves - she takes practical jokes to their extremes, laughs loud and hard, and never teases if she doesn't intend to fulfill.

Likes: Malena likes dance, gambling, liquor, and sex. Realising at a young age you can't make a life pursuing those things, she was surprised as an adult to find that you very much could, if you knew what you were doing.

Dislikes: Boredom. Malena finds most books to be boring unless they're particularly lurid, or action-packed; she find overly femme guys unappealing, and while she's quite happy to work with them professionally, she prefers someone who can fight, dance and drink alongside her to someone overly elegant and beautiful.

Skills of note: Malena's an amazing dancer and performer. She has an ability to read crowds like anyone's business. Indeed, Anise has suggested transferring her to the Rope, but Malena can't stand the suggestion - Alternia is far less cosmopolitan, and the night life is where Malena thrives. Malena loves to tell stories and sing as well, and she has a surprisingly strong grip. She's also very good at bar games (like darts) and card games - she loves to gamble.

Attitude in Bed: Malena revels in being desired. She'll ride or be ridden, but she wants to be looked at throughout the process. She's thoroughly carnal, and talks up a storm while having sex. Some have noted that the more desirable her partner, the less she feels the need to do so, though. She's sassy and a little bratty, and has been known to enjoy a bit of kinky stuff as well.
She also doesn't quite mention it, because it's something of a special case, but she does find being disciplined - such as spanking or mild restraints - arousing when done right.

Turn-ons: Malena likes her partners hung. She loves the sensation of a large cock or strap-on, and she's not shy about where she likes it, either, enjoying penetration in all her orifices. Being watched or being in semi-public is a huge turn-on. Being told how sexy she is is another one of her buttons.

Turn-offs: Scat, watersports, she dislikes being gagged or completely restrained, and she can't stand boring sex - missionary-style plowing bores her.

Quirks: None of note.

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Family Status: Unknown; Malena simply hasn't felt the need to tell anyone, and hasn't claimed any days off for sick parents or relatives.
Birth Rank: Unknown.
Social Status: Familiar night-life denizen of Coalclaw.

Homeland/Birthplace: ??

History: Malena, as far as anyone knows, grew up in Coalclaw and even had some formal education - if not a lot. She had it drilled into her that life couldn't be about having fun, and that nobody employed you to do what you love. She took a job, with this in mind, in a bar in Coalclaw, where she was made to deal with the younger customers, because of her appearance.
She found the work onerous - the boss docked her pay whenever she sloped off to have a fling with any of the cute customers, and there were far more who thought they were attractive and clever when they weren't. She eventually had the straw break on her back when an upper-class young girl gave her lip one time too many, and it led to Malena putting the girl over her knee, spanking her red, and quitting her job.
A week later, she found Hornet - where she was able to drink, fight, and party all she wanted, and even get paid for it. After some initial teething problems with Alannah, the feline found herself steadily working, every night a party, every client a dance partner.

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General level: Mid
Style: Malena is a knife-fighter, and very vicious. She angles for tendons and major blood vessels. She's not very good at fighting if she's not opting to seriously injure or kill people, and for that reason, she tends to be lighthearted about minor slights.

Advantages: Malena's style of fighting is short, sharp, and brutal. She doesn't need to draw out a fight, and she can finish a fight quickly, defeating a technically superior foe just by dint of an onslaught that gets a slight bit lucky.

Disadvantages: She also doesn't endure too well. Fights don't tend to go long when you have knives - someone gets cut and bleeding slows your ability to fight effectively - but ultimately, Malena doesn't take hits as well as she gives them.

Special: Nothing of note.

Techniques: Nothing of note.

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Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Malena.

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