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Full name: Sage Taragon
Species: Skunk
Age: 216 sextets
Season: Sunseve
Gender: Male
Occupation: Sage has no fixed employment, and often does jobs on comission that range from simple courier methods to rescue missions and even bodyguarding duties.
Blood Type: AB
Orientation: Heterosexual
Associations: Sage is something of a free agent, but has done work for Reylan and Alannah in the past, and may well do so again.

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Height/Weight: 185cm/118kg
Cup size: N/A

General Build: Sage has a pleasantly defined musculature, including slightly larger hands and feet than normal. Sage's tail is not quite so large and fulgent compared to a normal skunk's.

Fur: Honey-blonde

Markings: Sage's stomach, neck, and thighs are a bone white colour, and he lacks normal skunk stripes along his back and tail.

Hair: Slightly sandy blonde, kept relatively short

Eyes: Green

Distinguishing features: Sage's body lacks for any significant distinguishing features aside from a perpetual near-scowl.

Preferred clothing: Sage typically wears dark green or black hard-wearing clothes. Full sleeves and baggy clothes feel overly uncontrolled on him (his combat style already is at odds with his large tail), so he opts for shorter sleeves - or no sleeves - and tighter pants and shirts. He dislikes shorts. He usually wears white cloth bound around his wrists and hands.

Accessories: He usually wears white cloth bound around his wrists and hands.

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General Attitude: Sage is intense. His most defining character trait is his ability to focus every last part of his attention on one detail. He has a hard time relaxing, and tends to focus on problems constantly; when not dealing with a difficult situation, Sage is left slightly bewildered.

Likes: Sage lacks for any hobbies. Without things to keep himself interested in situations that don't relate to his work as a bounty hunter, he tends to simply train and refocus himself around whatever job's in front of him.

Dislikes: Sage has a couple of dislikes, but the biggest one is slavery. He despises a situation where, without one's consent, control of one's environment and freedoms can be removed; such things revolt him, and he's been known to be overzealous in his reactions to those who seek such arrangements.

Skills of note: Sage is a talented fist fighter and an expert tracker.

Attitude in Bed: Sage is really quite unaware of what he's doing in bed, and really is a little awkward. Time spent training has honed his body carefully, and he has a lot of stamina, but he'd be largely unsure of what he was doing. Actually a virgin, Sage's role isn't well defined (he could be domme or sub, depending on his first few real sexual experiences).

Turn-ons: Sage isn't sure on what he likes right now.

Turn-offs: Sage seriously dislikes scat, watersports, he isn't interested in guys, and he finds beatings and bondage distasteful.

Quirks: Sage has a few nervous habits. He's often seen opening and closing his fists, and his left ear twitches compulsively whenever he's annoyed.

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Family Status: Sage refuses to be drawn on this subject
Birth Rank: No comment
Social Status: None

Homeland/Birthplace: Alternia

History: Sage refuses to be drawn on this subject, either.

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General level: Mid to high.
Style: Sage is a talented, expert fist fighter who employs his feet in his combat style. He uses a lot of heavy, high kicks that are designed to employ striking power to hurt his opponent, rather than to knock them over and disrupt them. He doesn't jump or move around much unless he's pursuing his opponent.

Advantages: Sage's combat style tends to just knock people clean out. He can wrestle or grapple an opponent to the ground, then pound them against something with practiced ease. He doesn't care about size or strength, and he's himself strong enough to quite merrily pound an opponent into unconsciousness regardless of how tough they are. Sage is simply phenomenally strong and has an amazingly intense focus on an opponent; he also doesn't shy from causing pain or inflicting serious wounds; breaking hands and arms are common tactics he employs.

Disadvantages: Sage's biggest disadvantage is his focus. He'll often lose track of his surroundings, or let himself be blindsided by an extra opponent.

Special: N/A.

Techniques: N/A.

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A Quote: "Just remember that HorNet has the money, and the means, to hire anyone in this whole city - and they chose me. Do you really wonder if I'm good enough?"

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Character profile for Sage.

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Character(s): Sage

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