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Full name: Scelt
Species: Arctic Fox
Age: 194 sextets
Season: Unknown
Gender: Male
Occupation: Wandering adventurer and cursed warrior
Blood Type: Unknown
Orientation: Straight
Associations: The Party

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Height/Weight: 178cm/114kg
Cup size: N/A

General Build: Scelt is lean and defined. His figure is well-shaped, his chest and stomach defined and outlined, and he has muscular arms and legs.

Fur: White.

Markings: Scelt has a strange tribal marking under his left eye.

Hair: Pale, yellow blonde, worn long and slightly shaggy.

Eyes: Bright, pale blue.

Distinguishing features: Scelt's most distinctive feature is the long scar that runs over his chest, wrapping around his body twice, from shoulder to opposite hip, as if some long, sharp cable was wrapped around him, then pulled out quickly. He has similar scars, spiraling, around his forearms.

Preferred clothing: Scelt should, strictly speaking, be worried about the scars he bears, but he flaunts them. His favoured clothes are simply a pair of pants, and he leaves his chest and feet bare. However, when this isn't practical, he opts for binding his forearms and feet with cloth to keep them warm, and wears a cloak over his chest and shoulders. Even when it's at its coldest, however, he rarely completely covers up, and has been seen adventuring through the snow with his midriff exposed. This may be due to his heritage, however, that he simply does not feel the cold.

Accessories: Scelt is often seen with a length of razor wire about his person that he can somehow handle like it's a whip or normal wire.

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General Attitude: Scelt was, once, coldhearted and bluff, thanks to his childhood traumas. However, he has since opened up and relaxed around his friends, and is even somewhat playful. He is reserved, and tends towards irony rather than other, more clear forms of humour, and he's not very active in conversation. That said, he listens quite a lot, since he finds too many people talk too much. Especially Billy.

Likes: Scelt likes snow. He also quite likes boardgames and card games, especially when there's gambling involved. Surprisingly, he really likes children. He'd probably quite like to be a dad, but he also views that eventuality as being unwise, and perhaps even morally reproachful, as long as he's still cursed.

Dislikes: Scelt distrusts salespeople and merchants. Anyone who sells something they didn't make themselves strikes him as dishonest in some way, and he really can't stand bankers and realtors. That you can make your money by throwing someone out of their house is pretty low in his opinion.

Skills of note: Scelt enjoys creating things. He likes to carve bone figurines, or craft weapons. He doesn't have any talent at crafting armour, though.

Attitude in Bed: Scelt is a top, and he tends preferring wordless sex. For this reason, he's actually taken to employing gags on at least the most wordy partner he has, which is Angora (who has a hard time shutting up, it seems). He also has a very acute sense of his lover's pleasure, and does what he can to get them off multiple times before he gets himself off. This isn't borne out of a sense of inferiority, it's more because he can.

Turn-ons: Light bondage, moans, reading the signs of his lover, acceptance.

Turn-offs: Scat, watersports, excessive talking.

Quirks: Scelt's presence causes certain types of metal to vibrate. Chain fences hum when he walks past, and large, suspension style bridges are actually quite dangerous for him to traverse. Moving faster just makes the vibration vaster.

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Family Status: Unknown
Birth Rank: Unknown
Social Status: Adventurer. Ie, probably a criminal that nobody's policing.

Homeland/Birthplace: Somewhere to the north, possibly not on the Realms mainland.

History: Scelt is the first warrior in a new line of a ages-old curse. Known as the Curse of Seven Words, it was originally viewed as a tragic curse that passed from father to son for many years. When the scion of that warrior line sacrificed himself, committing suicide lest he one day sire a child that would carry his own damned blood, the curse manifested in the then-fifty-sextets-old Scelt. The aspect of the curse - a razor-sharp length of living wire - burst from his body in several places, and for many years, Scelt found himself at odds with it. Many battles were fought with this alien and largely evil intelligence, that demanded to use him as a host. Scelt is now adventuring to find a way to end the Curse, but even he cannot argue with the gifts it has given him.

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General level: High
Style: Scelt is an amazing warrior, and never unarmed. He fights with flowing, whiplike cutting motions, using his hands like sword blades, and the razor wire backs that up.

Advantages: He can manifest the Curse of Seven Words (Cold, Ash, Plague, Withering, Folly, Torment and Domination) on an opponent, speaking one of the seven terms to blight them in some fashion. He reads people excellently, and of the party, is bested only by Kellrawn and Den for raw strength, and by Kyse and Rain for pure speed. He's also tactically-minded, and has studied many old books of arcane magic in an attempt to find the original source of the Curse of Seven Words.

Disadvantages: Scelt's only true disadvantage is his own pain tolerance. He can't take too much of a beating, but thanks to his own ability to manage pain, it's hard to make him black out unless you beat him to a point where part of his body stops working.

Special: None of any note.

Techniques: None of any note.

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A Quote: "..."

Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Scelt.

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