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Full name: Seran Whitefell
Species: Fox
Age: 195 sextets
Season: Midfire
Gender: Female
Occupation: Actor, courtesan, and special effects manager for the
Velvet Rope
Blood Type: B+
Orientation: Extremely Bisexual
Associations: The Velvet Rope

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Height/Weight: 177cm/106kg
B/W/H: 86cm/71cm/86cm
Cup size: D

General Build: Smoke has a clearly defined musculature. Thanks to her small smattering of magical studies, she has the ability to change her colouration, her hair length, or other minor details about her body.

Fur: Tawny orange

Markings: Normal fox markings - dark fur around her paws and feet, markings on her face and the tips of her ears.

Hair: Silver-grey, left loose in a mane that goes down to her shoulders.

Eyes: Green.

Distinguishing features: Smoke has a navel piercing, studded with a diamond.

Preferred clothing: Smoke has a number of casual outfits, most of which feature leather pants and midriff tops; she knows full well the effect she has on people visually, and she's willing to offer a free show. However, her favoured outfit for actual encounters is a black leather peasant-style bustier with rope ties in front, along with a black leather g-string that similarly ties in front. Over her legs, she wears black leather chaps, and black leather high-heeled boots.

Accessories: She wears a pair of handcuffs at each hip, as if they're a belt.

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General Attitude: Smoke is carefree and easygoing at heart. Socially adept, she's able to hang around people quite adequately, though her main love is her threefold arts - acting, fucking, and the pseudomagical science that is special effects. Voracious in her appetites, she has a hard time tearing herself away from one thing of these passions, even for another one of them (though she can, of course, be encouraged).

Likes: Smoke likes finely done leatherwork, good plays, loud, rollicking music, and blowing things up. Often when she's frustrated with a setpiece or similar, once she's made it work, she'll blow it up once it outlives its usefulness with chemicals just to vent some steam.

Dislikes: Smoke really dislikes being cooped up in small environments. Vehicles, carts, etc. bother her. She'd rather be riding a mount or similar. She also can't stand beaurocracy.

Skills of note: Smoke is a talented fighter, having learned the basics of fencing, then abandoned them for a style that involved, as she called it, 'real' weapons, allowing her to use longswords. She has some small magical skill; trained in spells up to the second circle, she found herself bored with the studies, and moved on to other tasks. She has a smattering of scientific knowledge, though it's mostly unrefined - she knows how to mix makeups and chemical compounds to achieve some effect. She's also a very talented actor, and spends a large amount of time reading scripts. Thanks to her magical talent, she can shift her shape to some minor degree - growing a penis being one of the more significant uses of this magic she has. This magic isn't adjustable - it grows her the penis she would have had had she been born a male - but it's still thirty centimeters by nine, demonstrating that Smoke would have been a very healthy young man indeed.

Attitude in Bed: Smoke is dominant in the extreme. She loves taking her partner to places they haven't been before, and revels in the orgasmic screams of her partner. She glories in multiple partners, and loves making showy individuals the center of attention. A favourite ploy of hers is to find a lover's turn-ons, ones that they didn't even realise they had, and then exploiting it - like finding a person's exhibitionist streak, then pouncing them at multiple times in public.

Turn-ons: Smoke loves curves, large breasts, innocent boys, and orgasming partners.

Turn-offs: Attempts to dominate her, scat, watersports, the genuinely uncaring.

Quirks: None of note.

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Family Status: Older sister alive (Blaze), both parents deceased
Birth Rank: 2/2
Social Status: Well-known actor for the Velvet Rope

Homeland/Birthplace: Alternia

History: Neither Blaze nor Smoke are particularly open about their pasts - what is known is that their parents are both deceased, they both had formal training in their youth, and they're both prostitutes because they love the work, rather than any other, more sordid truth.

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General level: Mid
Style: Smoke approaches everything as a challenge. Combat is a simple equation with an unconscious or dead opponent waiting at the other end, and it's just a matter of pouring on exactly enough force to get them there. With that in mind, she opts for an all-out aggressive attack.

Advantages: Smoke has aggression and raw force on her side. Speed and an onslaught that tends to not stop for anything make up the bulk of her combat maneuvers, but her ability is compounded by her ability to bring magic into the fore; few opponents can handle having bits of their body frozen solid, or their clothes catching fire. The philosophy is simple; everything burns, somehow.

Disadvantages: Smoke's endurance is slightly second-rate, but not so much as you'd think. Her aggressive push in combat is not indicative of a lack of ability to last in long fights, but a lack of the patience required to conduct one. She can be easily provoked into quick action.

Special: Smoke's magic compliments her fighting style - it doesn't reduce it.

Soul Kindling - Blaze can let her hands erupt into fire, and can use this fire to perform many tasks. She's pretty good at using this in a variety of situations - and can even refine the heat to the point where it's more of a cutting torch than anything else.

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A Quote: "Seeing something you like, little boy?"

Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Smoke.

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