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Welcome to Furbidden Realms, a collection of character-driven furry erotica in the form of art and fiction. A joint project by Fox Lee, Jason Heavensrun and Talen Lee, the Realms is a setting created to serve as a backdrop for various ideas, characters and images linked together by common world. It has its own history and geography, too, but the characters are definitely the real focus.

It should be obvious that the site is intended for adults only; if you believe you will be offended by graphic depictions of sexual activity, including homosexuality and fetishism, please exercise your own good judgement and do not view the content.

Slightly less obviously, we are currently in the process of rebuilding; Fox is redesigning the site using PHP and proper database functionality. Though the gallery is generally functional already, there are loads of broken links and most of the other pages are still completely disfunctional. Please, if you notice errors or "missing" pages, don't report them for now. Once the rebuild is complete, Fox will be delighted to hear your feedback :3

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