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Moar Apple! Like Heil, he inspires me to hardcore. And is a huge size queen. Unlike Heil, he is defined by admitting to being a hungry little slut.

This is also the first appearance of another Furbidden Realms character, who has actually been around for a while but has proved enduringly hard to design. Coghram is a Horse/Lion halfbreed, so the only real things you can see about him is that he's huge. And has hoof-fingers. But in any case, it's him!

I drew this at roleplay night, with a number of my straight and/or prudish friends watching. I tried to warn them :p

Date Added: 2009-06-22 | Artist(s): Fox Lee | Media: Ink | Rating: Explicit

Character(s): Apple, Coghram

Tags: pony, bishounen, femboy, fellatio, piercing, collar

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