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Full name: Alannah Reid
Species: Dog (mongrel/mixed-breed)
Age: 197 sextets
Season: Icefey
Gender: Female
Occupation: Founder/Manager of HorNet
Blood Type: AB-
Orientation: Bisexual
Associations: HorNet (founder/leader)

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Height/Weight: 183cm/88kg
B/W/H: 112cm/86cm/98cm
Cup size: A Healthy C

General Build: Not /too/ buff, but respectable; very tightly-muscled, with not a scrap of fat. She has a fairly broad build with well-defined shoulders, and somewhat more narrow and masculine hips than might be expected.

Fur: A light tan, short and coarse all over.

Markings: Paler, almost white, fur along her chest, over her muzzle, and along the bottom of her tail.

Hair: Black, cropped short for practicality, and left to fall as it will.

Eye: Deep, dark red

Distinguishing features: Nothing in particular.

Preferred clothing: Usually practical, casual gear. She likes cargo pants and jeans, with T-shirts or crop-tops. In colder weather she'll add a leather jacket and some big clunky boots, and often a pair of leather gloves, too. For her kickboxing training, she'll go with shorts and a crop-top; for special business occasions, she usually breaks out the leathers.

Accessories: Nothing of note. Alannah's not really into props.

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General Attitude: Alannah is generally a fairly easygoing furr, confident in her abilities, who prefers to see the lighter side of things. However, as a businesswoman - and considering herself responsible for the happiness and wellbeing of her workers - she knows how to keep her feet solidly on the ground. She's very much the cornerstone or HorNet, and can always be relied on to keep their heads above water. She has a very motherly sort of personality, really, and is most attracted to misfits, outcasts and others who need her help.

Likes: Sports, weight training, protecting others, having control of things.

Dislikes: Dishonesty/trickery, combat as sport, shallowness, jerks/assholes of any stripe, prejudiced people, sexism, religion, prudishness, anybody who tries to take advantage of her crew.

Skills of note: Alannah is a very physical furr, so it's no surprise that she's good at most any sports (though she's not big on non-contact ones). She doesn't care for combat sports, however - while she's a very good fighter, she doesn't believe combat should be treated as a casual competition or spectacle, and is only willing to pit her fighting skills against another unless they're actually fighting.
In terms of non-physical skills, she has a good head for numbers, as is required for running a business; she's also very perceptive where emotions are concerned, part of what lends her the edge in her industry. She's also a talented writer and actor - she's usually the one to script HorNet's stage shows where necessary, though she doesn't shirk from participating.

Attitude in Bed: Confident, dominant, energetic, and very fun. Alannah has a whole lot of experience under her belt, and is at her best when her partner is content to sit back and enjoy the ride (a whole lot, ususally! ;p). She also has a strong sense of empathy and is good at reading people, and is likely to pick up on what her partner does and doesn't like right away - even when it's a closely-guarded fantasy.

Turn-ons: Thunderstorms and rain, submissive guys, bondage, misfits and outcasts, furrs who genuinely need her, erotic literature, working out, spankings (giving), backrubs (recieving).

Turn-offs: Dominating guys (or anyone else who expects her to be submissive), shallow sex, people with no standards, those who misunderstand her.

Quirks: Alannah has a tendency to pick up screwballs and misifts, and to be somewhat over-protective of them.

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Family Status: She's never mentioned it.
Birth Rank: She's never mentioned it.
Social Status: Notorious. HorNet itself is famous enough, and being the founder is something that turns a whole lot of heads.

Homeland/Birthplace: She's mentioned that she originally came from somewhere very cold. That's the only clue anybody has heard.

History: Although she's a very open furr otherwise, Alannah tends to be fairly secretive about her past. What /is/ known about her is that she doesn't appear to have any family, and that she wasn't born in Coalclaw City; however, she has grown up there since a fairly young age, living alone on the streets. It seems that she founded HorNet as a last resort for other furrs who might have the same misfortune as she did - whatever it might have been.

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General level: High to very high
Style: In broad terms, Alannah's style of choice is probably closest to kickboxing, with a bit of wrestling thrown in, and general brawling. It's simply something she's developed herself as necessary, the philosophy of which is to use every part of the body to inflict as much damage as possible. It also incorporates a lot of holds and throws, though they tend to be offensive in nature rather than defensive.

Advantages: Alannah is a well-balanced fighter and a force to be reckoned with. She's naturally powerful and has worked to build her strength and endurance; while her style has little room for defense, she's tough enough to make up for it.

Disadvantages: If Alannah has a weakness in combat, it's that she's focused on melee; her only real option against a ranged combatant is to close. She's also a little slower than one might expect, but not by any means sluggish.

Special: Nothing.

Techniques: Alannah pointedly uses no techniques.

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A Quote: "If she said she doesn't do anal, she doesn't do anal. Now, you have exactly six seconds to get the fuck out of my brothel, before I demonstrate some of my /less/ exotic training."
Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Alannah.

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