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Full name: Bella Whitefell
Species: Fox
Age: 195 sextets
Season: Midfire
Gender: Female
Occupation: Actor-courtesan
Blood Type: B+
Orientation: Bisexual
Associations: The Velvet Rope

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Height/Weight: 177cm/100kg
B/W/H: 81cm/71cm/81cm
Cup size: C

General Build: Blaze has a trim, toned, and athletic figure, with a hint of definition to the musculature of her stomach and shoulders.

Fur: Tawny orange.

Markings: In addition to normal fox markings - dark fur around her paws and feet, markings on her face and the tips of her ears - Blaze has a flame-patterned birthmark between her shoulderblades that's a lighter orange than the rest of her fur.

Hair: Black, styled in a wild, untamed mane that's brushed out of her face, and often worn in a low ponytail almost at the end of its length.

Eyes: Green.

Distinguishing features: In addition to her flame birthmark, Bella has a piercing at her navel, and both ears.

Preferred clothing: Blaze likes tight, supple clothing that flaunts her figure and hints at what might not be there. For this reason, she likes low-riding jeans, midriff tops, tight sweaters, or jackets. She rarely wears dresses or skirts - she finds all but the shortest skirts to be both confining and difficult to maneuvre, and those skirts she doesn't find that way are simply too short to be worth bothering with.

Accessories: Blaze carries a jeweled pendant in the shape of a tear, made of silver.

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General Attitude: Bella has a dignified, reserved manner, and tends to assume a position of control in a conversation, asking questions that may seem leading to direct things. She is inquisitive and curious, but not eagerly so - she is content to learn at a slow pace, absorbing information as it becomes available to her.

Likes: Bella likes sedate pasttimes. She likes to sit back and watch something unfold; be it the complicated plot of a mystery novel, or an elaborate bondage puzzle on stage, she is rarely caught up in the same frenetic pace of things as, for example, Faolan or her sister, Smoke.

Dislikes: Bella really dislikes haste. She prefers to take things at her own pace and to get things done right, rather than done right now.

Skills of note: Bella's most significant skill is her talent with a bow. Archery at a young age was her passion, and it has led to her being a talented archer. In addition, she enjoys reading and the collection of books. Bella, in addition to her talent with archery, has amazingly sharp eyes. She can spot incredibly subtle details, and has a talent for accurately interpreting them in almost preternatural leaps of information.

Attitude in Bed: Bella acts and reacts as if she's a noble; she likes a lover to pamper and service her, and is fully willing to give similarly high-class treatment in return. She's refined and dignified, and has been known to enjoy 'a bit of rough' as well.

Turn-ons: Bella likes being serviced, light bondage, and being pampered.

Turn-offs: Scat, watersports, rudeness, distraction.

Quirks: None of note.

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Family Status: Younger sister alive (Smoke), both parents deceased
Birth Rank: 1/2
Social Status: Well-known actor at the Velvet Rope

Homeland/Birthplace: Alternia.

History: Neither Blaze nor Smoke are particularly open about their pasts - what is known is that their parents are both deceased, they both had formal training in their youth, and they're both prostitutes because they love the work, rather than any other, more sordid truth.

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General level: Mid
Style: Bella mimics her sister's style, but while Smoke employs a hard-edged confronting form of martial arts of Kyuuten origin, Bella is passive, reactive, and defensive. Her style is based on enduring and outlasting an opponent while manuevering them into a poor position - while she may not be able to end a fight quickly, she very rarely loses them.

Advantages: Bella has amazing breath control and stamina. She will last for hours at a time defending a single spot, and often without so much as moving her feet. While she prefers to not limit herself in location in any way, if put to it, she can exercise her style almost perfectly, countering and deflecting attacks to neutralise her opponent's attempts to harm her.

Disadvantages: Bella can't end fights quickly. Her attacks, when they come, are usually perfunctionary, ending a fight with whatever method is available, after the fight is well past won and all that remains is the formality of defeating your opponent. Against foes whose physical prowess is so great that their endurance matches her own, she's outmatched, as defense rarely is better than offense in the field of combat.

Special: Blaze ultimately has magic backing her up; while Smoke has aggressive magical effects, Blaze uses her magic to invigorate her, replenish her, and to counter an opponent's efforts.

Techniques: Nothing of note.

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A Quote: "Oh, /do/ come here... you'll find it much more to your liking."

Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Blaze.

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