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Cayenne Profile

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Full name: Cayenne "Cay" Koumi (assumed surname)
Species: Skunk
Age: 151 sextets
Season: Midfire
Gender: Male
Occupation: Varies
Blood Type: B
Orientation: Gay
Associations: None

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Height/Weight: 134cm/50kg
B/W/H: 69cm/53cm/79cm
Cup size: N/A

General Build: Much to his chagrin, Cayenne is extremely short for his age, and often thought to be a lot younger than he actually is. His body is proportionately slender - he's small all over, rather than being stumpy - but he does have quite shapely hips and legs, giving him a rather young and girly figure overall.

Fur Colour: Naturally white, but dyed a creamy brown for markings. Short but fluffy, especially over his chest.

Markings: Although he is natively albino, Cayenne has dyed his fur to give himself standard skunk markings on his face, in a creamy brown colour. On his lower body, oddly, the colours are inverted; the brown is in stripes along his back and tail, and sock/glove markings.

Hair colour: Flame red (dyed), very straight but bouncy and well-kept. He wears it in a style popular in Kyuuten; just long enough to pull into a high ponytail at the back, with a flat, unparted fringe at the front.

Eye Colour: Bright red, fiery and energetic.

Distinguishing features: Aside from his dye job and small frame, Cayenne is also distinguished by having an extremely fluffy chest.

Preferred clothing: Cayenne's garments of choice are of Kyuuten origin; normally he wears a brightly-coloured and very girly kimono, handless gloves of dark blue, zora (rush sandals) and a traditional fundoshi (loincloth).

Accessories: Cay wears a large, butterfly-design hairpin at the base of his ponytail.

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General Attitude: Cayenne is, to make the obvious pun, a very peppery young man. He may appear cute and harmless, but he is in fact a fiery and passionate person, full of pride and defiance - and a shameless brat who often gets himself into trouble by giving lip to the wrong person. The forgotten middle child of his troubled family, Cay was quick to develop a strong independent streak and a somewhat prickly nature. He's instinctively distrustful of others, especially those who are too intelligent or empathetic; he doesn't like people knowing too much about who he is or what he's truly feeling, so he uses his nasty attitude to fend them off if he feels they're getting too close. He also happens to be almost entirely uneducated, a fact which he hides with fervence; overall he has quite a self-esteem problem, for which he generally overcompensates by acting vainly.

Likes: Not much, apparently.

Dislikes: Being condescended to, being seen as a child, people who are too empathetic, people who try to psychoanalyse him.

Hobbies/interests/skills: With his limited education and lonely lifestyle, Cay has little time for hobbies or games. He does, however, have a measure of skill with everyday chores (most of his legitimate jobs have been household positions), and runs quite a tight household when left to his own devices. He also enjoys board-games - nothing quite so elaborate as chess or shogi (he doesn't have the patience or foresight for such games), but simpler games such as checkers and go.

Attitude in Bed: Outwardly, Cay appears to be rather slutty and easy to get into bed with. This is true, to a degree; his method of keeping people away with attitude often results in his being bent over somebody's knee, which frequently leads to some manner of sex. This is the kind of cheap, shallow encounter that Cay can deal with; being used rather than loved, with no emotional attachment and no risk of true closeness to his partner.
When it comes to people he actually likes, however, Cay's reaction is one of fear - moreso with people who actually like /him/. Though he inwardly craves genuine affection, he dares not interact with anybody he actually cares for, lest he screw their life up as much as he has his own; he usually makes an even stronger effort than normal to push them away. In the event that somebody saw past this and endured his brattiness, Cay would likely become very submissive; he's utterly insecure and unsure of himself when it comes to actual affection, and would likely go to absolutely any lengths to avoid messing things up.

Turn-ons: While he has a strong physical reaction to bondage and domination - based entirely on his low self-esteem - Cay's true turn-ons involve things like romance, open fires, laughing together, and being held close. He would, of course, never admit this. He also prefers distinctly larger partners (in body size, that is, not necessarily endowment).

Turn-offs: Himself.

Quirks: For reasons owing to his childhood, Cay is more or less unable to become aroused toward females; he can get along fine with them as friends (inasmuch as he can get along with anybody), but he just can't associate them with sexual contact.

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Family Status: He's not saying
Birth Rank: 3/5
Social Status: N/A

Homeland/Birthplace: He won't say, but he's clearly not native to Kyuuten; probably somewhere in Alternia or Coalclaw.

History: Cay is /extremely/ cagey about his past life. He admits to having had four siblings (two older and two younger), but will not explain why none of them are currently involved in his own life, nor how he came to be on his own. On the rare occasion that he does reveal anything about them, he seems to regard his older brother with a kind of awed fear, his older sister with sadness and regret, and his younger brother and sister with jealousy. What /is/ known is that he has been living alone in Kyuuten since the age of nine, mostly getting by through theft and menial labour, being too proud to beg or whore himself out. Anything further back than this, he refuses to talk about.

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General level: Low
Style: For all that he tries to stand up for himself, Cay has little to no combat ability of his own, and certainly no style. That said, he's a scrappy little orphan who does do his best - he'll go down kicking and biting and scratching all the way.

Advantages: Cay is quite flexible and slippery, and quick to react as well as quick on his feet - he and would at least stand a chance at /escaping/ from a fight.

Disadvantages: Cay isn't very tough, and with such a small and slender form, is quite physically weak. And generally quite incompetent as a fighter.

Special: Nothing.

Techniques: None.

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A Quote: "Oh, I get it - you've spoken to me for five minutes, so now you think you can delve into the depths of my soul and tell me the source of every problem I have, and how I'm just depressed 'cus my daddy didn't love me enough, and how my anger is just a shield to keep others away, and how deep down I really just want to be loved. Yeah, you know what? Fuck you."
Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Cayenne.

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