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Cyrillia Profile

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Full name: Cyrillia Caboose. She never gives her surname for obvious reasons.
Species: Cat (domestic)
Age: 122 sextets
Season: Midfire
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
Blood Type: B+
Orientation: Not entirely formed
Associations: None yet

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Height/Weight: 160cm/52kg
B/W/H: 77cm/64cm/79cm
Cup size: C

General Build: Cyrillia is fairly full-figured for a girl her age, without actually being overweight.

Fur: Orange.

Markings: Tabby markings. Cyrillia periodically dyes section of her fur with artistic designs, but has no naturally distinctive markings.

Hair: Blonde, dyed red.

Eyes: Green.

Distinguishing features: Cyrillia tries to dress to play up her bust and navel, when really her best feature is her backside.

Preferred clothing: Cyrillia typically dresses in her school uniform, rakishly altered to flaunt her figure during school days. When not hindered by uniform code, Cyrillia opts for fashionable, if somewhat tarty clothes that may not be entirely appropriate for her figure (such as low-riding jeans).

Accessories: Cyrillia has a number of different accessories - she often carries around a bag with some books and a diary inside.

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General Attitude: Cyrillia is precocious and smart-mouthed. Despite her age, she's reasonably clever and has been able to skate through school on her talent without devoting much effort to her studies. This has led to her carrying herself with a haughty arrogance that doesn't quite befit her ability.

Likes: Cyrillia likes to do risky, daring things that she probably shouldn't do. She sneaks out and stays out late, dates boys her parents say she shouldn't, and commits petty crimes to give herself a thrill. Purely as an example, she's been known to pickpocket people in the streets of Coalclaw and use the money to buy herself jewelry, clothes, or dyes.

Dislikes: Cyrillia really dislikes being told what to do. She assumes that there are legitimate authorities and people better at what she does, out there, somewhere in the world, she just refuses to acknowledge them when they're put right in front of her.

Hobbies/interests/skills: Cyrillia is a reasonably good pickpocket, and is a pretty good student.

Attitude in Bed: Cyrillia is a virgin to actual sex, despite some dalliances with supposedly dangerous boys. For that reason, she'd be relatively unsure of herself, but still confident enough to /try/ and take charge if she thought she could get away with it. Though most experienced partners would be able to very easily turn the tables on her and take charge in turn.

Turn-ons: Risk. She doesn't have a defined enough sexuality to really appreciate anything intuitively.

Turn-offs: There are a number of things she deems gross, but the only ones that would suffice as genuine turn-offs are scat and watersports.

Quirks: Cyrillia is a reasonable thief, but not a good or great thief.

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Family Status: Two parents, both alive
Birth Rank: 1/1
Social Status: High school student

Homeland/Birthplace: Coalclaw

History: Cyrilla is a classic talented child, who, after her parents noticed her abilities, became a spoiled talented child. Several years of being impressive to her peers saturated the girl and gave her her precocious nature and self-interested perspective. As a high school student, she found defying rules to be another way to show her superiority, and has taken to this with aplomb.

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General level: Noncombatant.
Style: Cyrillia, at least right now, simply isn't able to engage in combat as anything other than a game of chance.

Advantages: N/A

Disadvantages: N/A

Special: N/A

Techniques: N/A

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A Quote: "Just /who/ do you think you are, anyway?!"

Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Cyrillia.

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Character(s): Cyrillia

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