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Full name: Eisha Vaillancourte
Species: Rabbit
Age: 169 sextets
Season: Moonwax
Gender: Female
Occupation: Courtesan/Informant
Blood Type: B-
Orientation: Bisexual, with a leaning toward men
Associations: HorNet (employee)

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Height/Weight: 165cm/57kg
B/W/H: 99cm/72cm/97cm
Cup size: A healthy C

General Build: Slender, shapely and sexy; a classic ideal for a female figure.

Fur: Pure, snowy white, short and sleek and soft.

Markings: A small blaze on her forehead, of the same pale mauve shade as her eyes, and a similar mark over her nose.

Hair: Yellow blonde, silky and wavy to roughly hip-length. She wears it in a variety of styles, but most often a sort of bun, leaving a whispy fringe out one one side.

Eyes: Mauve, pretty and soft.

Distinguishing features: An uncommon eye colour, but that's about it.

Preferred clothing: Eisha is a very high-class lady, and has a wide and varied wardrobe to reflect her tastes and whims - so, while you usually can't predict what she'll be wearing on any given occasion, you can be sure that it will be both fashionable and alluring. She particularly likes elegant evening gowns and formal costumes, and always has a vast array of elaborate lingerie at her disposal - she's something of a collector when it comes to fancy undergarments.

Accessories: Constantly varying.

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General Attitude: Eisha is an elegant, upper-class type of lady, with a distinct taste for the finer things in life. She understands that such things don't come easily, though, and works hard in order to indulge herself. She takes great pride in herself, her abilities, her appearance and her taste - perhaps overly so, as it can be a little too easy to offend her over such matters. Similiarly, she hates to lose in any kind of competition, and will hold a deep-seated (if fairly good-natured) grudge against anybody who defeats her in her "areas of expertise". Her long-standing rivalry with Madison is a good example.

Likes: When she's not working, Eisha most enjoys socialising with the local nobles and/or high-society crowd - she's constantly forging new contacts and earning new admirers. She also enjoys indulging in a variety of luxuries - particularly expensive foods and wines, classical music, and bubble baths - and has a vast collection of finely-tailored lingerie which she's always looking to expand.

Dislikes: Rude, coarse or uncouth people, bad social climbers, carelessness, minimalism.

Skills of note: Eisha has a great deal of social and political aptitude, and knows how to navigate her way through high-society events. She practices a number of suitably refined pastimes, including painting and music (violin or flute, for preference) and riding. Also, due to Alannah's requirements that all HorNet members be able to defend themselves if necessary, Eisha practices martial arts.

Attitude in Bed: Eisha isn't nearly as dominant as Alannah or Karin, but she's not all that submissive either. She likes to maintain control of an encounter, but not to the point where she's tying her partner up or pushing them around - she likes her lovers to be devoted to her, and willing to follow her every whim without her having to control them. She doesn't really enjoy strenuous physical activity, as she likes sex to be as beautiful and stylish as everything else she enjoys; she'd much rather take it slowly, with exquisite foreplay and a gradual buildup. She will happily play the part of "Mistress", and always expects her partner to pleasure her, usually before she does too much for them; however, she will always give as good as she gets, and is only satisfied when all parties involved are happily basking in afterglow.

Turn-ons: Elegant, important partners with lots of class and taste; fine foods and wines; bubble baths; candlelight (particularly scented candles); chocolates; lingerie; romance; being pampered and catered to, and made to feel special. She also rather likes showing off her looks, usually via modelling lingerie or such.

Turn-offs: Uncouth partners; she likes her bedfellows to be as elegant and tasteful as she is. Anything she considers tasteless - dirty talk, violent sex, heavy bondage, toilet stuff, that kind of thing.

Quirks: Perhaps worth mentioning is Eisha's natural ability to fit in with the upper class, despite being relatively low herself. She certainly seems to belong there, and how she wound up as a courtesan is sort of mysterious. Also, Eisha has a long-standing rivalry with her fellow HorNet member, Madison; the pair regularly compete over even the most trivial things.

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Family Status: Unknown.
Birth Rank: Unknown, though she has alluded to having a brother.Social Status: Wherever she goes, Eisha quickly becomes well-known amongst the upper classes. Between the notoriety of being a HorNet member, her natural talent with social situations, her vast network of connections, and her ability to attract admirers who lavish gifts upon her, she can usually pull whatever strings she wants.

Homeland/Birthplace: Unknown.

History: Eisha, like most of the other Hornet employees, says little about her past. Many of her co-workers suspect that she originally born into a higher station, and came to be in HorNet after some kind of fall-from-grace that left her or her family shunned by the noble class. She hasn't confirmed or denied the rumour.

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General level: Mid
Style: True to form, Eisha's style is elegant and showy, as much a dance as a combat technique - in real-world terms, it is best likened to the Shaolin kung-fu style, Pi Qua Quan. Eisha's style emphasizes constant motion, a deceptively beautiful and fluid stance combined with a sudden attacks designed to confuse the opponent; it involves sharp, chopping strikes performed with extended fingers rather than a closed fist, graceful whiplike motions that are splendid to behold.

Advantages: Eisha is phenomenally flexible, and her style of choice demands nothing less. Her speed and grace are remarkable, and second to none of HorNet's members.

Disadvantages: While she's certainly not a pushover, Eisha is not particularly strong or endurant (at least by comparison to other HorNet members).

Special: Nothing of note.

Techniques: None of note.

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A Quote: "My dear, even prostitutes are allowed to have /standards/."
Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Eisha.

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