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Full name: Elliot Vaillancourte
Species: Rabbit
Age: 157 sextets
Season: Moonwax
Gender: Male
Occupation: Ex-student
Blood Type: B+
Orientation: Surprised
Associations: Eisha's brother

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Height/Weight: 164cm/56kg
B/W/H: 81cm/60cm/90cm
Cup size: N/A

General Build: Scrawny, somewhat angular, rather awkward. Feminine, but not particularly curvy.

Fur: Pure, snowy white - short, soft and fluffy.

Markings: Like Eisha, Elliot has a small splash of pale mauve in the centre of his forehead.

Hair: Yellow blonde, almost curly but not quite. He wears it just below shoulder length, and usually tied into a thin ponytail or braid.

Eyes: Mauve, wide and innocent.

Distinguishing features: An uncommon eye colour, but that's about it.

Preferred clothing: Elliot is usually seen in Regency-style clothing, waistcoats and puffy sleeves et al. Being well brought-up, he dresses as well as he can afford without being extravagant, and feels somewhat rude if he's not at least neat and vaguely fashionable.

Accessories: Elliot generally carries gentlemanly accessories such as a pocket watch, and wears small oval-framed glasses.

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General Attitude: Elliot is quite prim and proper, raised to be a part of the socially oriented, not-quite-noble high society of Coalclaw, and is utterly naive by real-world standards. Innocent and rather gullible, his view of life is almost painfully unrealistic, and it's something of a miracle that he has managed to survive as long as he has thus far. Against all odds, his utter naivete seems to have resulted in something of an "idiot savant" status; his extraordinarily good luck seems to see him through most any situation.

Likes: Being neat and clean, people acting in an appropriately courteous manner, order and good organisation, reading books.

Dislikes: Cruel or violent people, being dirty or messy, being without proper amenities. He also claims to dislike rough or uncouth people, but secretly feels it's kind of adventurous to be with such folk.

Skills of note: Elliot has the variety of social and intellectual skills that one might expect from a posh kid who went to an expensive school - literature, mathematics, science, music, arts, and even some upper-class sports like croquet and dressage. As far as combat goes, though, he's a positively laughable pushover - his idea of a fight (aka "a bout of fisticuffs") would make even Kiyan go into hysterics.

Attitude in Bed: Elliot is rather innocent and prudish, and is easily shocked and embarrassed by "inappropriate" (read: even vaguely dirty) conduct. What little righteous wrath he can muster in these situations, however, is rather easy to silence with a quick grope or a kiss. After that, he's putty in the hands of anyone who is even remotely dominant, and is incredibly easy to arouse and/or pleasure. He also tends to be extremely needy by that stage, and willing to do almost anything his partner could desire.

Turn-ons: Elliot is magnificently easy to arouse. His one special turn-on is that he likes rough, scruffy partners who are streetwise and experienced (despite his prissy claims that he doesn't like that type).

Turn-offs: Anything extremely painful or gross (mutilation, severe sadism, scat/watersports), being in charge, naive partners.

Quirks: Really, really, /really/ easy.

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Family Status: Sister (Eisha) alive; parents unknown
Birth Rank: Presumably 2/2
Social Status: Unknown

Homeland/Birthplace: Unknown

History: After leaving a rather posh finishing school in Etterclaw, Elliot came to Coalclaw in search of his sister, Eisha. When he found her, it seems, she ordered him to keep quiet about both of their pasts; there seems to have been some kind of falling-out amongst their family, but that's all anybody knows.

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General level: Negligible
Style: Flee or cower.

Advantages: Elliot's pretty fast on his feet, and quite flexible.

Disadvantages: Elliot is a nominal noncombatant, not at all strong or tough, and basically a wimp besides.

Special: N/A

Techniques: N/A

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A Quote: "*SQUAWK!*"
Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Elliott.

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