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Full name: Enshou Emiko
Species: Tiger
Age: 116 sextets
Season: Starbreak
Gender: Female
Occupation: Courtesan and martial arts student
Blood Type: A+
Orientation: Bi, with a leaning toward males
Associations: Kuroshouken (resident)

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Height/Weight: 159cm/49kg
B/W/H: 82cm/62cm/80cm
Cup size: A, possibly a small B

General Build: Emiko is built more or less like an average female teenager, though she's somewhat less curvy than most female teenagers would like to be - she's distinctly flat-chested and has narrow, boyish hips. The best description for her form is probably "wiry" - while she's very fit, and stronger than one might expect, her body is more toned than muscular. Her best feature would definitely be her firm, toned stomach and backside.

Fur: A fitting tiger orange, quite thick and soft.

Markings: Normal tiger markings - black stripes and white highlights around her face and feet/hands.

Hair: Black, bouncy and full of life. She wears it short, no longer than her neck, with a lopsided fringe exploding in an unruly fashion out the front.

Eyes: Bright green, fresh and lively.

Distinguishing features: Emiko's only real distinctive feature is her glasses.

Preferred clothing: Emiko normally wears her training clothes - a simple, above-the knee Kyuuten-style robe, fundoshi (loincloth-style underwear) and bindings wrapped around her forearms, lower legs and breasts.

Accessories: Being short-sighted, Emiko is rarely seen without her large, round-framed glasses.

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General Attitude: Emiko is, overall, a very pleasant girl. She's youthful, optimistic, and cheerful, and always full of energy. Generally easygoing, though she can sometimes be overly serious about her training, Emiko is the kind of person who likes to see everybody enjoying themselves and having a good time, and doesn't mind if she makes herself look like a bit of a dork in the process. This isn't to say that she can't stand up for herself, though - she's knows when to assert herself and when to let things slide. She also has a healthy respect for authority - indeed, she has a great deal of admiration for figures of power (military power in particular), and is the kind of person who'd find it more fulfilling to serve under a great general than to /be/ said general herself. Said figure would have to have earned their status legitimately, however - Emiko does not look favourably upon those who do not deserve their status.

Likes: Training, her friends, having fun, cheering people up, meeting new people, early mornings, animals.

Dislikes: Mean people, injuries, sickness - anything depressing, really. She also seriously dislikes anyone who gains power without having earned it, or who abuses their power.

Skills of note: Emiko is a very athletic girl, through a combination of natural aptitude and martial training, and is good at most sports. She's also more sharp than people expect, and enjoys playing social games like card or board games when she has the chance - she's not as competitive as she could be, though, and treats such things with a very casual attitude.

Attitude in Bed: Emiko approaches sex - like life - with energy and enthusiasm. Indeed, her chief appeal at Kuroshouken is her youthful vigour; in the very proper and intensely structued societies of Kyuuten, somebody as lively and unassuming as Emiko is very popular amongst those seeking a breath of fresh air. She's really rather easy to please - she likes to be adventurous and try new things, but she's also just as happy with some ordinary old missionary-style if it makes her partner happy.
She's not particularly dominant, and is generally happy to go along with whatever her partner likes; she's not totally submissive either, however, and likes to at least be an active part of the encounter.

Turn-ons: Trying new and interesting things. Emiko is very enthusiastic, and easy to turn on unless you hit one of her turnoffs.

Turn-offs: Pain, suffering, extreme bondage, "gross" fetishes like gore, scat, et cetera. People who expect her to be overly cutesy - feminine isn't so bad, but cutesy is /death/.

Quirks: Emiko is very obedient, and tends to defer automatically to figures of authority (for example, those of military or political importance) when she encounters them.

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Family Status: Parents deceased. Older sister (Shi Ren) and twin sister (Kumiko) alive and well.
Birth Rank: 3/3
Social Status: Upper-middle-class, by virtue of her association with Kuroshouken. Basically she's above peasant status, but below everybody else.

Homeland/Birthplace: Birthplace unknown. Although she has travelled much with her sensei, Xia Wan, Emiko's home is Kuroshouken's base in Shirai-ten, Kyuuten.

History: Her parents unknown, Emiko has been a ward of Kuroshouken - along with her sisters, Shi Ren and Kumiko - for as long as she can remember. She's the only one of the three who still resides with HorNet's Kyuuten branch, however; her eldest sister set out some turns ago, and the ever-belligerent Kumiko ran away soon afterward. Emiko has been old enough to leave for some time now, but - still feeling she has much to learn about martial arts, and curiously interested in the lifestyles of the courtesans around her - she chose to remain, and become a full-time member.

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General level: Mid
Style: Taught by Xia Wan, Emiko's style is a very straightforward, hard-hitting form of martial arts, much akin to real-world shotokan karate. It emphasises kicks over punches, but not to the exclusion of the latter, which works well with Emiko's long legs and large feet.

Advantages: Emiko is a very well-balanced fighter. If she has any distinct advantage, she's probably a little quicker than you might expect.

Disadvantages: Emiko is a very well-balanced fighter. If she has any distinct disadvantage, it's probably that she's a little more fragile than you might expect.

Special: Nothing of note.

Techniques: To be added.

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A Quote: (squawk) "Sensei!"
Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Emiko.

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