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Hiewyn Profile

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Full name: Hiewyn St. Janice Auclaire
Species: Grey husky
Age: 194 sextets
Season: Starbreak
Gender: Female
Occupation: Former nun
Blood Type: A+
Orientation: Bisexual
Associations: Hyusi's harem

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Height/Weight: 161cm/102kg
B/W/H: 81cm/66cm/86
Cup size: G

General Build: Hiewyn is extremely busty, even moreso than Amara. She has also done her share of physical labour, which has helped keep her body in good shape.

Fur: Pale grey, almost blue

Markings: Hiewyn's stomach and chest are white, and this colouration goes lower, all the way to the underside of her tail and her upper thighs.

Hair: Raven black

Eyes: Blue

Distinguishing features: Hiewyn has no particularly distinctive features.

Preferred clothing: Even moreso than Amara, Hiewyn is an impractical dresser. Preferring long nightrobes and silken gowns over the top of exotic underwear, Hiewyn's style of dress is very indoorsy. When she goes out, she prefers heavy overcoats and similar, but tends to not wear normal clothing underneath. When it's especially cold (as Coalclaw is want to be), she has been known to wear clothing 'borrowed' from Reylan's stores, including sweaters and leather pants.

Accessories: Hiewyn wears a string of prayerbeads with a crucifix around her waist, like a belt.

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General Attitude: Hiewyn was once a nun, and has a demure attitude. However, she's also very obedient, and Hyusi's recognised that part of Hiewyn's obedience is borne out of fear. Hiewyn joined the church so she could avoid taking full responsibility for her own actions and simply follow a set of rules. However, these rules stifled her and were making her more and more depressed - all Hiewyn truly needed was someone to support her and stand by her.
Hiewyn is almost as mischeivous as Amara, but she's also much more given over to her lusts. Amara would bait Hyusi into lending her to Salendra - Hiewyn would just attempt to seduce Salendra directly.

Likes: Hiewyn has found herself enjoying working for pay, and the direct rewards it gives. Sex aside, those things her faith denied her - gambling, certain subjects of books and plays, and loud, wild music, - have become her favourite pasttimes. She routinely challenges others to games of chance, betting whatever she has on hand that appeals to them. She's even become quite good at them, having an unnaturally lucky streak. She enjoys working at the bar as a waitress. She'd work at Hornet were she much freer with her favours, but she ultimately prefers to view sex as a fringe benefit of work rather than an aim.

Dislikes: Hiewyn hates the sedate. The tame, the boring, the normal. She doesn't hate cheating, on principle, but she hates getting caught and those that get caught.

Skills of note: Hiewyn's most significant skill is her ability with clothes. A talented needleworker, she is very good at producing clothes in bulk lots. However, as with Amara, a large part of her appetites for pasttime is taken up by sex; and her clothing of late, and its design, has reflected that. She's also interested in religion. Once only focused on her own, she has come to collect stories and keep a diary of such things.

Attitude in Bed: Hiewyn is actually a bit of a size queen. She likes well-endowed partners and, if possible, multiples. She's also submissive and loves to talk to her partner, gasping out requests and begging for praise as she has sex. She also has a broad voyeuristic streak, which plays into Amara's love for being watched.

Turn-ons: Large breasts, large cocks, public sex, group sex, being told what to do, light bondage, dirty talk.

Turn-offs: Being dismissed, messy play, scat, watersports. Hiewyn actively dislikes respecting the sanctity of areas - she wouldn't be quiet in a church, nor does she refrain from swearing.

Quirks: Hiewyn keeps a diary of her fantasies. She keeps it under Amara's pillow.

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Family Status: Unknown
Birth Rank: Unknown
Social Status: Formerly high-ranking sister of the Church of the Hammer in Coalclaw

Homeland/Birthplace: Etterclaw

History: Hiewyn was raised through the clergy most of her life, and when she hit sexual maturity, suffered a number of crises of faith. Significantly, some confessionals of particularly explicit acts excited her more than they shamed her, and she found herself collecting articles of erotic lingerie; her reasoning was that as long as they were hidden, they were no sin; they simply felt nicer than more tame undergarments. When Hyusi recruited Amara, it was only a matter of time before they recruited Hiewyn, who had been serving under Amara's husband for some time.

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General level: Noncombatant.
Style: N/A.

Advantages: N/A.

Disadvantages: N/A.

Special: N/A.

Techniques: N/A.

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A Quote: "Beauty is in every pure thing, and that beauty is here for us to enjoy - this truth has not yet been seen by the Church of the Hammer."
"Just how explicit /were/ these confessionals?" - Salendra, on Hiewyn

Other: Hiewyn quite likes mocking religious imagery. She's been known to masturbate herself with a holy symbol when she knows she's being watched. She has also followed an attractive partner or two into private places (in one case, the bathroom) without so much as having a name.

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Character profile for Hiewyn.

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