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Full name: Karin Bowyer
Species: Kangaroo
Age: 188 sextets
Season: Midfire
Gender: Female
Occupation: Prostitute/Informant
Blood Type: AB+
Orientation: Bisexual, with a preference for younger boys
Associations: HorNet (employee)

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Height/Weight: 198cm/118kg
B/W/H: 124cm/102cm/131cm
Cup size: A large C, nearing on a D

General Build: Strong and shapely. She's not a bodybuilder or anything, but she's naturally got a fair bit of muscle on her, and it's all very nicely toned. She's also very curvy and extremely long-legged - it's a kangaroo thing.

Fur: Pale bone,

Markings: White front and underbelly. The top of her nose and tips of her tail and ears fade into black.

Hair: Rich red at the roots, through to black at the tips. She wears it extremely long, past her backside, with a much shorter fringe which falls over the right side of her face. Her hair is fairly straight at the roots, but becomes wavy as it reaches the tips.

Eye Colour: Dark purple, exotic and inviting but kind of dangerous.

Distinguishing features: Karin's feet are unusually small for a kangaroo - more like tose of a canine or feline - possibly owing to another species mixed into her ancestry.

Preferred clothing: Whether it's inside the bedroom or out, Karin likes leathers all the way. She'll usually be seen in black leather pants, though she ranges from leather to linens for shirts, and usually dons a heavy leather coat for colder weather. She likes boots, too; high-heeled for sexplay, sensible flat heels for everyday wear.

Accessories: A vast, vast array of bondage gear which sees regular use.

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General Attitude: Karin is a fiery, passionate woman with an immensely strong will and a fierce devotion to her friends. She decided long ago that she didn't intend to waste her time on the pretentious and close-minded people she had grown up around, and that she has no need to hide who she is or what she feels. Though she has an impressive temper, particularly when dealing with the judgemental, she's normally quite easy to get along with, and is happy to accept those around her for what they are. She does enjoy commanding peoples' attention, though - and she's as happy when she upsets somebody who doesn't like her as when she's performing, taking great delight in making the more prude and puritan members of society squirm.
Karin exudes an air of knowing herself completely, and being utterly confident in her choices; she's obviously secure in her own abilities, her situation, and her place in the world. This supreme confidence can be intimidating to some, but by the same token, it allows her to be one of the most understanding and emotionally supportive friends you could ask for.

Likes: Being in charge, freedom, open-minded people, being a protector, being trusted, showing her power, fighting, commanding peoples' attention, unsettling prudish people.

Dislikes: Narrowminded people/societes, pretentious people, prudes, uptight religious types.

Hobbies/interests/skills: Karin is an odd dichotomy of upper and lowerclass. Though she carries many of the remnants of her previous aristocratic life - such as a taste for good books, refined speech, and a knowledge of dressage riding - she's also very proud of the more basic abilities she developed while in the South, and very much enjoys a physical challenge. Unlike Alannah, however, she /does/ enjoy fighting as a display or competition, and has carefully honed her martial skills into a fantastic spectacle.
Aside of this, Karin takes great pride in her leatherworking skills, and personally crafts most of her own accessories. She's a master of ropes and knots, and really does enjoy coming up with new, increasingly more intricate ways to tie people up. This ties in with her primary role at HorNet - that is, as a performer, usually on stage with Liam rather than directly involved with the patrons.

Attitude in Bed: True to form, Karin is open about - and quite proud of - her sexual desires and quirks. She's extremely dominant, to the point where she'll simply refuse anybody who expects her to submit; she generally likes to pick out young, inexperienced partners, and give them the most amazing experience of their life. Obviously she will want to bring bondage and S&M into any encounter - that's her speciality, after all - but she knows how important it is to move slowly at first, and takes extreme care when "breaking in" new furrs. She tends to get very attached to her lovers, and usually winds up in long-term Slave/Master relationships with them. She feels a particular need to approach those who are attracted by the idea of a S&M relationship, but believe that such a thing is wrong or abnormal; it makes her supremely happy to show such people that there is nothing wrong with them, and a relationship involving bondage can involve just as much love and romance as any other (and often much more trust). All in all, she's a loving and passionate partner who knows when to be strict and when to be gentle; she expects total submission, and gives appropriate rewards. Oh, and she will always expect that her stage partner and longtime lover Liam will be involved - they're basically a package deal.

Turn-ons: Liam. Submissive partners (particularly young boys), pretty boys, people who seem "lost" in the world, proving that BDSM relationships are okay, virgins, bondage, S&M (particularly long-term BDSM relationships), devising new bondage techniques, working out, performing on stage, watching others.

Turn-offs: Anybody who expects her to be submissive, pretentious or close-minded furrs, muscular men, smokers, people who take BDSM too far (where one partner doesn't actually enjoy it), large penises.

Quirks: Karin is ferociously protective of Liam. If you so much as /think/ of hurting him - in a way he doesn't enjoy - you'd better watch out...

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Family Status: Mother deceased, father living intThe South, no siblings.
Birth Rank: 1/1
Social Status: Along with the usual notoriety associated with HorNet, Karin has earned herself a public reputation for being a very scary woman.

Homeland/Birthplace: Karin was born in the town of Skyriver, in the Magic Kingdom of Alternia, and later lived with her father in Coalclaw City. She currently resides in the burlesque house that is HorNet's head office, also in Coalclaw.

History: Karin was the only daughter of a moderately wealthy merchant, who relocated from Alternia to Coalclaw - in an effort to boost his business - when she was a very young child. Her mother passed away soon after the move, however, and, while this event strengthened the bond between Karin and her father, Bernard, it did make him all the more determined to raise his daughter "properly". Karin was raised to be a very proper young lady, expected to fit into the almost-high-society that was formed by Coalclaw's merchants. Although she was found the whole social group rather dull and pretentious, she generally just put up with the boredom, having no real opportunity to break away.
Things changed when Karin, around 65 sextets of age, accompanied her father on a business voyage to Kyuuten. Forced off-course and meeting with furious storms out at sea, their ship went down, leaving its passengers stranded on an unknown land - the first contact mainlanders had ever made with the continent which would later become known simply as "The South". Fortunately, the natives they found there were not unfriendly, and welcomed the unusal newcomers into their culture.
Karin and Bernard spent no less than fifteen turns on the Southern continent, a change of lifestyle which had a profound effect on both of them. No less profound was the bond Karin came to share with a young koala boy she met there by the name of Liam, the first actual friend she had ever had. In all her life, she had never experienced a person who was honest and kind simply for the sake of being so, rather than for their own gain. She adored his kindness, and his amazing capacity to care for others; he was awed by her passion and dedicaton. Determined not to let anything ruin Liam's sweet nature, Karin became a protector of sorts to him, basically a big sister.
Although she wasn't unhappy with her new life, Karin still felt out-of-place in her tribe, still felt the need for a life that was truly her own. Returning to Coalclaw was all but impossible, however, until an exploring vessel from the mainland came upon the South, and their tribe; Karin was thoroughly an adult by that time, and Bernard well into his old age. Although both were offered free passage back to their previous home, Bernard realised that he had come to love the South, and no longer had any real ties to the merchant life he had never particularly liked in the first place. Instead, he offered his place to Liam, giving Karin his blessing to return to Coalclaw with her beloved friend and finally live as she saw fit.
After spending some time simply roaming the mainland together, Karin and Liam came to work for HorNet under a temporary contract, when Alannah was after new performing talent. Technically they're still under that same contract, and have been for the past two years.

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General level: High
Style: Karin's combat style is unique to her, and customised to suit her utterly. A style of fluidity and momentum, it focuses primarily around powerful kicks and far-reaching tail sweeps - and where another combatant might compliment this with punches, Karin instead wields her whip. When her impressive strength is combined with the momentum of her broad, sweeping attacks, the result is a force few can withstand. Between her extremely long tail and legs, and the reach granted by her whip, Karin can dominate the battlefield around her and keep multiple opponents under control until she can finish them off.

Advantages: Karin is extremely powerful, though much more so in her legs than her arms.

Disadvantages: Although Karin moves quite quickly, her style's reliance on momentum means that her actual attacks are relatively slow, though not necessarily easy to avoid.

Special: Nothing of note

Techniques: None of note.

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A Quote: "Don't condemn what you don't understand. Love is love, however you show it, and that's all that matters."
Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Karin.

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