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Full name: Shael Tirel Hellumfal
Species: Cat (domestic)
Age: 152 sextets
Season: Starbreak
Gender: Male
Occupation: Drifter/Rag and Bone man
Blood Type: O
Orientation: Nominally bisexual
Associations: Shael's Hovel (resident/owner)

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Height/Weight: 180cm/71kg
B/W/H: 99cm/86cm/106cm
Cup size: N/A

General Build: Slim and wiry. Shael has done his fair share of athletic activity, and while he certainly lacks for serious brawn, he is by no means delicate.

Fur: Pale blue-grey

Markings: White belly, nothing much else

Hair: Rusty red

Eyes: Steel blue

Distinguishing features: Nothing truly distinctive.

Preferred clothing: Shael only owns one pair of clothes; a pair of plain blue trousers, a simple white t-shirt, and a blue, open vest over the top. He tends to wear a variety of silver about his person - as chains around his neck and wrists, usually.


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General Attitude: Shael is the quintessential nice guy. There is little to nothing that he won't do if asked nicely, and he sees nothing in going an enormous way out of his way for someone else - even if he doesn't know them that well. This implies a strong trust in his fellowman to not take advantage of him.

Likes: Shael likes /everyone/. Actually being mean seems so very out of character for him, and he seems to be able to find something positive in everything.

Dislikes: See Likes; It's hard to imagine Shael as anything but a sweet, caring fellow.

Skills of note: Shael is interested in /everything/. He hangs around junkyards finding new things to look at, learn about, and understand. And given the number of things he finds and the preternatural knack he has for finding things in pristine condition, his fields of knowledge tends to expand rapidly.

Attitude in Bed: Shael is flexible, but he's also more than a bit ignorant. He likes to know what he's doing, and, as a male, he knows what males tend to prefer. Women are a bit more mysterious to him, so he'll typically do whatever he's told to do.

Turn-ons: Significantly, that the other person or people is enjoying himself, herself, or themselves.

Turn-offs: See previous. Dislikes anything really vulgar or heavily pain-oriented.

Quirks: Shael learns things incredibly fast. He also learns what people /like/ extremely fast. Unfortunately, he can't typically dedicate himself to any field of study or research, so he tends to pick up good general guidelines, without any in-depth knowledge of how to behave.

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Family Status: Unknown
Birth Rank: Unknown
Social Status: Nobody

Homeland/Birthplace: Unknown

History: Again, not known. Shael doesn't like to talk about his past.

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General level: Noncombatant. Shael is an avowed pacifist.
Style: N/A.

Advantages: N/A.

Disadvantages: N/A.

Special: N/A.

Techniques: N/A.

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A Quote: "Do you need a new sofa by any chance? Second hand, at least?"
Other: Nothing of note.

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Character profile for Shael.

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Character(s): Shael

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